My name is Will Bosworth and I’m a PhD candidate in the Mechanical Engineering Department at MIT. I’m a Research Assistant at the Newman Lab for Biomechanics & Human Rehabilitation with Prof Neville Hogan, and I work with Prof Sangbae Kim’s Biomimetic Robotics Lab on the DARPA funded MIT Cheetah robot project. My research spans the modelling, design, and control of robot limbs for intermittent contact, which is critical for activities such as grasping (with hands) or locomotion (with legs).

Recently, I built the Super Mini Cheetah quadrupedal robot, the first light-weight and inexpensive quadruped to perform a range of behaviors such as jumping, bounding, turning, walking, and stopping. Today, there are ~10 legged robots that can perform reliable dynamic locomotion. I expect that our machine or machines like it will drastically increase access to dynamic legged locomotion research and play.

The SMC Robot will be making appearences this summer at the MIT Deflorez competition, the 2015 AMAM conference and the 2015 Dynamic Walking conference. Otherwise, it can be found wandering the halls of MIT. Come check it out sometime!

Contact information:

Will Bosworth
bosworth at mit dot edu


77 Massachusetts Ave
MIT Bldg 3-143
Cambridge MA, 02139